Peakware Academy's

Digital Learning Content Implementation

Delivering excellence in fast-paced business environment and facilitating collaboration to drive innovation and growth.

Customer Services and Experience

Exceptional customer service elevates the overall experience, fostering loyalty and brand reputation.

Leadership & Management

Effective leadership guides teams, while skillful management ensures operational efficiency and goal attainment

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation revolutionizes organizations, optimizing processes, enhancing innovation, and driving competitive advantage in the digital age.

Finance Essentials

Encompass budgeting, investing, risk management, and financial literacy for sound monetary decisions.

Peakware Academy

Why Choose

Digital Learning Content Implementation

Peakware Academy desires to partner with your organization to provide access to learning resources addressing the learning needs and other business areas to equip employees with the right behaviour and skills to perform optimally. Our courses will be delivered through a robust, easy-to-use digital learning solution. We focus on the provision of digital learning courses across various learning needs of the employees within the firm and deployment of a robust, easy-to-use digital learning solution

How we Approach Learning

Digital Learning Content Implementation

A workforce with a culture rooted in Digital Learning will potentially leverage opportunities in the digital age and effectively address challenges requiring agile application of new skills.
Peakware Academy desires to partner with your organization to provide an appropriate digital learning solution to enable your organization to enhance the competencies of its employees to drive productivity and business excellence. We believe the digital learning initiative will enable your organization better embed her core values and be poised to deliver novel solutions through Innovation, Technology and Premium Services.

Learning Platform

The Learning Platform

Our digital solution deployment framework shows an end-to-end process. From curating content that address competency gaps to ensuring compliance to the entire digital learning endeavour.
Courses (embedded or bespoke) are curated based on different learning paths. Courses are assigned to pre-created client users based on organisational objectives by admins.Client users will receive notifications, which requires authentication details to the platform. Users log on to the learning platform to access courses.

Our Goals

Project Management Office Goals

The primary focus of the PMO is to execute initiatives using effective collaborative techniques. Our PMO approach will assist to Client:

  • Manage people, process, and technology required for efficient delivery of the strategic goals.
  • Define the governance structure and roles that will foster delivery
  • Monitor ongoing optimisation
  • Ensure the sustained impact of interventions by tracking and monitoring milestones
  • Provide advisory services to project delivery
  • Facilitate the collaboration between various interdependencies


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