Improving Operation Performance and Productivity

Course Description

Peakware Academy Improving Operational Performance training course recognises that with the arrival of new technology, increased competition, and rising expectations from customers, the need for operational performance improvement has never been greater. The drive to deliver faster, cheaper and the right-first-time is a challenge facing every organisation in the public and private sectors.

How do you engage and develop people to become more productive? How do you identify and quantify operational process improvements? How do you delight customers through high-quality service? How do you increase revenue and grow profitability? How to you get people on board and willing to change for the better? And how do you execute a plan of action and measure the benefits? If you need the tools and skills to address these questions in a practical way to deliver sustainable performance improvement, then this is the programme for you.

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers
  • Team Leaders
  • Middle Managers
  • Department Heads
  • General Managers
  • Project Managers

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